Making Sense of Everything…

If only that were possible. Looking at the alternately confusing, disgusting, scary tweets and conduct south of the border, the actions of angry, disillusioned (?) murderers on Toronto streets, the chaos that is Brexit, the brazen actions of authoritarian rulers purporting to be democratic, the treatment of minorities such as the Rohingya (and the sad failures of icons such as Aung San Suu Kyi to respond), ongoing efforts to achieve justice writ broadly:  all these and much else make (seeking some good news) the evidently happy rapprochement between Eritrea and Ethiopia pale in comparison.

I told myself that when I finished at the Law Commission of Ontario, I’d start a blog that allowed me to say pretty much what I wanted, untethered by the sense of responsibility I felt to  the institution. It’s only taken  two and a half years to really get started (I’m ignoring an earlier effort that told me I really didn’t know how to create a blog).

So here it is at last. There’s no particular subject focus, no particular approach, just musings on the events of the day and my interests.

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